Saturday, August 22, 2009

The continuing health care battle..

While the President takes to the airways and in print to point out what he feels are phony health care claims it was interesting to note that there are also those claiming that the President himself is guilty of telling whoppers related to health care.

What many do seem to agree with is that there will be no death panels, at least beyond what already exists because the real truth of the matter is people every day are turned down by insurance companies procedures that are considered experimental or when they cap their lifetime amount. That is in essence a death panel, just the same as those who don't have health insurance who require expensive surgery or treatment don't receive it.

At the very essence of this discussion is should the government demand you have health insurance and if so, how can it be made affordable, because if it was affordable now, some of those who don't have it? Would already have it. It also makes me wonder about things like life insurance, there are many people who don't have it no matter how often the year about term life insurance at wholesale insurance prices. I also wondered about vision and dental insurance, those are optional for many people and dental care can be just as expensive and a risk to your well being. Can the government just stop with making sure basic health care is available at an affordable rate for all US citizens, or if this does happen will it just be the beginning is impossible to know...

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