Monday, August 03, 2009

America turns red, white and green

Interview that caught my attention that I wanted to point out in a recent New Scientist article done by Graham Lawton with President Barack Obama's science adviser John Holdren. Part of that recommended piece:
On a global level, what needs to happen as we approach the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen in December?

The industrialised nations need to get their acts together before they can expect the developing countries to come on board. We have historically produced a large part of the problem, although the numbers are shifting. Two things are obvious: the industrialised nations have an obligation to lead, and the developing countries have to join pretty soon, or we're going to be cooked.

I believe that if the US can go to Copenhagen with a specific policy in place, the chances are very good that we can get an agreement in which major developing countries make commitments that will move them onto a declining emissions trajectory. They are still waiting for concrete evidence that the US is going to move, but I think if the US does move, we will see a degree of progress at Copenhagen that will surprise people.


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Kvatch said...

...the industrialised nations have an obligation to lead, and the developing countries have to join pretty soon, or we're going to be cooked.

"The people in the industrialized nations need to lead."

If the last 2 decades have shown anything it's that governments won't do a damn thing until the seas boil, the land burns, and our air resembles the stinking soup on Venus.

T. F. Stern said...

Having done my own in depth investigation, reading the massive scientific data which includes data going back to the dawn of earth; this whole "crisis" which depends on the pivotal issue that mankind and our pathetic species is able to induce global warming or climate change, that religion which claims that we must slit our own throats in order to save the planet is a bunch of horse hockey.

Go read Heaven and Earth and you will understand how the natural cycles of earth are controlled by other factors completely out of our control.

What happens will happen whether we are industrialized and use fossil fuels or whether we sit and freeze in some cave hoping for a better day.

Lastly, is Anonymous still trying to sell adult sex toys or is that some other kind of spam? lol

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T. F. Stern said...

Not interested in buying room furniture from China, termites in the room from China or taking Yoga in China or any other network marketing in China.

I do enjoy the free translation site so I can read all the spam left here which normally I would ignore.

I'm waiting for one of them to try to sign me up for Amway. lol

Lisa Renee said...

T.F. I found the Motel one to be interesting.


That's the one advantage of my wordpress blogs as opposed to this one, the spam catchers.