Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roethlisberger...Shades of Kobe Bryant?

When I read about the lawsuit filed against Ben Roethlisberger I immediately thought of the similarities with the Kobe Bryant case. While in this case, the woman did not file criminal charges and is going right to a civil filing, we have accusations of rape and then rumors of a consentual relationship with some mental health issues.

In the Bryant case a settlement happened with the dollar amount not being known, at this point, Andrea McNulty is seeking $380,000 in medical fees plus an unspecified amount of punitive damages.

Though some are calling this junk journalism...


Robin said...

The Kobe Bryant case came to my mind when I heard about Ben Roethlisberger. I thought the case against Kobe Bryant was dropped and his accuser didn't get any money at all.

Barga said...

If she didn't file a criminal complaint, then i don't believe her