Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Elections have consequences and so do confirmation votes

That's the title of this Washington Post article by Dan Balz. Having some insight into how Hispanics feel since my husband's family is all Hispanic, I can't say I agree with all that was written. Especially the underlying belief that all Hispanics supported Sotomayer's confirmation.

They didn't...

So while Balz writes:
There is some political risk for the Republicans for their near-universal opposition to a Latino nominee, given the reverses the party has suffered in the past four years among this important and growing political constituency. But most Republicans have concluded that those risks are manageable.

I don't expect much of a risk, those who were Hispanic who lean Republican/Conservative are not going to change their support if it is based on ideology, those that lean Democrat/Liberal are not going to change theirs.

Issues like abortion invoke strong emotions from that part of my family, they are strict Roman Catholics, who may bend a bit when it comes to the issue of divorce, don't bend on believing that abortion should be reserved for saving the life of the mother. My position as a Roman Catholic that I personally don't support abortion but I do not believe it is my place to tell another woman what she can do with her body and thus it should remain legal, is too "liberal" of a position for them...There is concern from them as to what Sotomayer's position will be on abortion, hence many of my relatives did not openly support her, even the ones that are Democrats...

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