Sunday, May 10, 2009

House dream may include security system...

We are in the process of finalizing details on owning a home that needs some renovation before it's going to be ready for us to move into. One of the discussions we've had is related to a Home Security Surveillance System since we (and the dogs) won't be living there and there will be construction materials as well as new items installed that could go a day or two without someone being there since we are planning on doing as much of the work as possible by ourselves.

The house sat vacant for about two years, and while we luckily did not experience any of the pipes being stolen since the house had been converted to pvc, there are signs that someone was living in the house illegally not that long ago. This makes the issue of Home Security a valid concern. Some of the windows of our new home have been broken, but thankfully those who did "visit" the house did not destroy it as the house next door experienced. It had copper piping, and apparently a few more visitors bent on destruction.

I never really worried that much about Home Security Systems in the past. We've always had dogs and while they are of course not a total deterrent, some of our neighbors who have had break ins did not have dogs. Of course before we can worry about a security system, we have to put in new windows, but? We'll get there, and I'm sure considering the adventures we had in fixing up the home we are currently renting before we moved in that this will be an adventure too.



Robin said...

Congrats on the new house! Hope everything works out and you get the repairs and everything you need to move into to it done quickly.

Kvatch said...

That's interesting. We've got an ADT system pre-installed in our condo. We've never activated it. Seems a waste of money. Though I supposed a detached home is quite a different thing.