Wednesday, April 01, 2009

So, I ask myself...why did I go home?

Some of you probably noticed the lack of posting, I was in California visiting my oldest daughter and while I tried to do a bit of blogging on my local blog as far as keeping up with some of the media releases/breaking news type stories, I was taking a semi-break from blogging since I was spending time with her.

Last night I left San Francisco Airport at 9:40 California time and arrived at Detroit Metro Airport at 5:00 a.m.; yes, the red-eye. Normally I'd sleep but things were a bit turbulent (perhaps a warning as to what was to come?) and I had some guy behind me who kept kicking my seat as well as one in front of me who snored almost as loud as my husband. Since it was only a little over a four hour flight I decided to just stay awake and keep reading, so I finished two books during the flight.

My friend Kate came to pick me up, you find out who really loves you when it comes to asking them to pick you up at the airport that early in the morning. We had a nice drive back to Toledo, stopped and got some McDonald's and I had visions of getting home, hugging my husband before he went to work and then going to bed.

The hug happened, then I learned the washing machine broke yesterday, no one knows why. Okay, fine I told myself, I'll deal with that later, I was going to sleep. Then I started getting text messages from daughter number four, she wasn't feeling well and wanted to come home. The next two hours were used waiting for daughter number 3 to call me back so I could have her go pick up her sister from school. Since I knew I couldn't sleep until that was resolved, I transcribed a City Council meeting for my other blog and headed downstairs to see if I could fix the washer. It was full of water and won't drain, so I headed out to the garage to get a piece of hose to siphon off some of the water.

Imagine my surprise to discover one of my cats in the garage, not looking like he was in good shape. My cats are not outdoor cats, they are indoor cats. It looked like he had been outside for some time...I called my husband who knew nothing about the cat even missing.

I then discovered when daughter number three finally called me that daughter number 4 for some strange reason in this cold weather we had here in Ohio had the screen for her window up and opened the window. The cat fell out of the window and neither one bothered to a) try to collect the cat or b) tell my husband that the cat was outside.

It should be pointed out that both daughters number 3 and 4 were previously considered bright, now of course I question that description.

Hopefully the cat will be okay, a trip to the vet is on the schedule for today. I plan to nail the screen shut so that daughters 3 & 4 can no longer demonstrate their lack of common sense. The washer is under warranty so I'll have the joy of dealing with a repair man and perhaps at some point today I'll actually get some sleep...

Or say the hell with it and go back to California where life was so much more stress free...



Cyberseaer said...

Happy April 1st and welcome home!!! Good thing you didn't wait until the weekend to get home, your house may have been burned to the ground by then. You better not run away, the rest of the family would be lost. ;)

Now we know where your true blogging love goes to when you are away. LOL

I'm sure the rest of the day and the week will be much better.


Lisa Renee said...

Maybe the rest of the week, daughter number 4 is having school drama issues and a very dear friend got less than good news about a family member.

I haven't slept yet either...AND they ate almost all the food in the house and I don't feel like going to the store. I might need some cheese for my whine before the day is over.

At least I had fun in California though...


(((HUGS))) back

Robin said...

Welcome home! I hope that the cat is okay.

Lisa Renee said...

Thankfully at least the cat appears to be doing better.


J. Rowsey said...

Did you ask your daughter how she would like to be pushed out the window and left? :-) Kids are great. I hope kitty is doing better. Glad you had a nice time while you were away.

Lisa Renee said...

Jason, no, I didn't even want to hear the response to that question considering their "creativity" -- it was suggested that the cat thought I wasn't coming back home and missed me to the point that he was attempting kitty suicide.

No broken bones, he's not even limping today and he seems to be almost back to normal. Though I did give him a few extra treats today for good measure.


J. Rowsey said...

Well, its hard to argue with the cat being suicidal. I guess next time he might have to travel with you. She must be a momma's boy.

Lawrence Moore said...

Ever notice how disaster always seems to strike when we're away? I swear, it's crafty and it waits for us to be elsewhere, and then, blam!

Glad to hear the kitty is doing better. Hopefully the washing machine is too. As for sleeping, I can recommend a few good local hotels, with room service. ;)

Good to have you back.

kateb said...

Oh yeah - I love you! I sure hope today was better.....statistically speaking. :-)

Lisa Renee said...

You know I love you too Kate.


Today was a bit better, like I said yesterday, the odds were in our favor.

Jill said...

Wow - so sorry to hear about the drama to which you returned!! If it helps any, my cat lived to about 18 and when I got her, at five, she already had almost no teeth and only half of one ear - she thought she was a fighting outdoor animal. :)

During her life in my family, she fell out a tree and dislocated her shoulder, which I guess is kind of like a hip and she survived being hit by a car in front of our house - and no one brought her in - she was in the road for some length of time. Had brain surgery of some type (I was in college away from home at the time) and ended up being fine. She was a fantastic pet but very rough and tumble, tho also cuddlely. Never had another one like her.

Hope it's been better weeks since then.