Saturday, April 04, 2009

Media silliness, Michelle Obama "touched" the Queen

CNN reported:

First lady Michelle Obama was expected to make headlines in Europe with her style and flair as she accompanied her husband to the Group of 20 summit, but it was a simple gesture that has set off a media frenzy.

While meeting Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in London on Wednesday, the two women briefly embraced -- not your typical scene at Buckingham Palace.

The British media called it everything from a breach of protocol to an extraordinary show of affection from the queen.

Actually, Time magazine stated, The Queen and Mrs. Obama: A Breach in Protocol with a good number of the British papers reporting the media hullabaloo not coming from them but from the United States. This Times Online story as an example:
When Michelle Obama put her arm round the Queen at Buckingham Palace, some of the more excitable elements of the media - particularly the Americans - suggested she may have been guilty of a breach of protocol.

My initial thought? Are you kidding me? Don't we have more important issues to obsess over?

As a well established member of the hugging philosophy, while I realize protocol would not make it acceptable for me to hug the Queen, I think it's silly that there are time lapse type photographs out there to demonstrate who touched who first and how many seconds later Michelle Obama still kept her hand on the Queen's back after the Queen removed her hand from Michelle Obama's back.


J. Rowsey said...

I'd good game her if I could. :-)

kateb said...

The funny thing about this is that our First Lady followed British protocol in returning the Queen's gesture.

The Queen didn't exactly follow our protocol in touching the First Lady, but she was in England, not in the U.S.

This was a non-story. But it does show how flaky the British media is.

Kvatch said...

Totally a non-story, but nonetheless... I was raised to treat hugging as something that only relations or, at the very outside, very intimate friends engage in.


YIKES, bitchy wortless skunks whining.What are you stupid liberals eating...scat??

Lisa Renee said...

Wow, talk about a lack of intelligence. Go play someplace else, this blog is for the grown ups.


Anonymous said...

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J. Rowsey said...

well said anonymous. Just kidding.

Lisa Renee said...

Jason, I think anonymous was commenting on how silly he thought "Eat Shit Liberal Scum" was.

Or at least that's the story I'm sticking with.


Declarations of Pride said...

Lisa Renee!

I am finally back at it. I hope you missed me?

Where is Republispin?!?!?!

I didn't think he would surrender that blog. ;-(

Keep up the good work baby!

Lisa Renee said...

Welcome back! You can see I'm fighting the Japanese invasion over here (lol).

I miss Scott too, but things got to busy for him in the real world. I've really not been as active here as I'd like, Glass City Jungle has grown so much that it's really time consuming.