Saturday, January 10, 2009

New games equal need for more computer memory...

I cringe inwardly when one of my bunch finds a new computer game they want to try, because I know chances are my computer is going to be the "only" one that this game will play well on since I have the newer computer. Now that I have a laptop it's not as bad as it was before to have to attempt to kick my youngest daughter off of my computer to be able to finish work. Though, I'd much rather work on my pc than the laptop.

Unfortunately her older computer, can't be upgraded anymore without going into buying a new video card and other upgrades. In other cases though, sometimes you can buy computer memory and that will create the ability to play some of the newer games out there. The opposite can also happen, as in the case of some of their older games that are favorites, they can only play them on the computer that still has XP, the ones that have Vista don't cooperate with the game no matter how many "fixes" are attempted.

I always recommend doing some research on what the basic computer requirements are to play a game before you purchase it. If whatever computer is going to be used is the minimum? Chances are you will have a less than satisfactory game experience, the more above the minimum requirements you have, the better the game play.

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