Sunday, January 18, 2009

Media helps spread Pelosi statement that's been questioned

Even CNN is slightly guilty on this one though they at least mention that a Republican has claimed the information Pelosi is sharing is not true:

"We had campaigned in saying what the Republican Congressional Budget Office told us: Nothing contributed more to the budget deficit than the tax cuts for the wealthiest people in America," Pelosi said in the interview.

A spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called Pelosi's statement "false," and cited a recent fact check from the St. Petersburg Times disputing the House Speaker's claim tax cuts for the wealthy is the biggest contributor to the budget deficit.

Here's the PolitiFact page that states Pelosi's statement is false.

Here's a sample of a few media sources who state Pelolsi's statement but don't bother to report that it has been declared false, by anyone...

Yahoo News citing part of the Associated Press piece but leaving off the part where her statement is questioned.

Kansas City Star same as Yahoo. Miami Herald as well.


Jason R. said...

I think Pelosi is probably the most partisan leader we have had in some time. This doesn't surprise me at all. She is always out to stick it to the republicans.

Lisa Renee said...

It's going to be interesting to watch what happens between her and Obama.

Robin said...

Pelosi irritates the crap out of me. She was on one of those Sunday morning shows and was pointing fingers at the Bush Administration. I was basically screaming at the TV, "You are part of the Bush Administration you big dummy!!!!! You own a good deal of the blame for the mess we are in."