Friday, January 02, 2009

I talked about where the safest place to sit was and I didn't get kicked off the plane...

Seriously, anyone who actually believes that the 9 muslims who were kicked off of the plane were not treated unfairly, I'd love to meet.

9 Muslim passengers kicked off flight after remark

What was the remark? The same conversation I've had with people on planes and recently had on a flight from San Francisco to Detroit, where is the safest place to sit in an airplane:

One of the Muslim passengers, Kashif Irfan, told The Washington Post the confusion began when his brother was talking about the safest place to sit on an airplane.

“My brother and his wife were discussing some aspect of airport security,” Irfan said. “The only thing my brother said was, ’Wow, the jets are right next to my window.” ’

One of my daughters is dating a young man who is attending school here in the US who is originally from an Arab country, the way he is treated when he's screened at the airport is different than how I am treated at the exact same airport. Not long ago he almost missed his flight because he was detained for "extra screening." Why? Because he was flying alone to visit his brother who lives in Florida and because he's an Arab...Their friends experience the same thing, but as some of you will remember, it's easy to fly a dog from here to the AE, they don't bother to follow the proper regulations for that...Until the day someone starts suspecting dogs as a possible terrorist plot...

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