Friday, January 30, 2009

The economy and moving companies...

I started wondering the other day as to the impact of the economy on moving companies, where they making more or were they making less? In reading quite a few articles from around the nation, it appears in many areas the first problem was the rising fuel costs which some addressed by adding a fuel surcharge on to their rates. The next issue was even though larger numbers of people were moving, there was less spending done on moving companies. Meaning those that were lower rate or considered "economy movers" seemed to fair well in addition to moving companies that specialized in out of state moves.

Do it yourself moving type rental operators also seem to have fared better than some of their counterparts. In parts of the nation moving companies have seen some of their competition go out of business, meaning those that did manage to stay in business ended up with increased sales.


Robin said...

I think a lot of people who are forced out of their homes just leave stuff behind and only take what they can put in their car. Or they get a friend who has a truck.

A long time ago, I was able to move using a few trips with a station wagon. But, back then I owned a whole lot less stuff than I do now.

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