Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A whole lot of hatin directed at Coulter

People seem to have forgotten that "Page 6" was also the source that incorrectly reported that Michelle Obama ordered a whole bunch of expensive room service items and is a gossip page. But let's say for the sake of it, that this time they are correct and that Ann Coulter had some kind of an injury and her jaw is wired shut.

I'm not a fan of Coulter, I personally disagree with not only quite a bit of what she's said but also the way in which she exhibits hatred at times. So, how do we respond as a liberal blogging community? You guessed it! We show that we really are not any different from those like Coulter who say hateful things...We also show that some of the men on our side have no problem writing some pretty hateful things about women including supporting violence directed at women, since some of them have hoped that it was because someone punched her.

Way to go guys...


Mark W Adams said...

Can you say, publicity stunt?

The delicious irony that her book is titled "Guilty: Liberal 'Victims' and Their Assault on America."

You're falling for the talking points and could do double duty as Coulter's publicist with this hand-wringing.

Besides, it's not that she's a woman that makes someone want to pop her in the pie hole, it's the stuff spewing out of it. I think, judging by her book title, she'd be insulted being defended/protected/VICTIMIZED this way. If she were true to form, she'd tell you to "Man up, Lisa."

I'd be just as full of schadenfreude if it were Rush, Hannity, half a dozen GOP Senators (none of whom I'm thinking about are female) a dozen Representatives (and only Bachman fits the bill here) and assorted administration zombies (yes, including but not limited too Margaret Choe, Condi and that bigot at ICE).

For the record, she says she fell down and go boom.

Shall we take this remarkable coincidence -- the first big burst of book publicity and the simultaneous announcement of the jaw wiring -- at face value? Gosh, I certainly hope it's a coincidence. I wouldn't want to think that Coulter is faking a serious injury, or even exploiting a real one, in order to inject herself into the story she plans to tell when she's hawking her book. After all, what better way to prove that liberals are nasty, vicious bullies than to tell a sob story about how they said mean, nasty things about you when you were injured and in pain (just before your book tour)?

Lisa, she called you a traitor, accused you and all who agree with you of treason just for your stated political beliefs. The last thing she gets is sympathy.

Lisa Renee said...

You mean they are falling for her publicity stunt. Her calling me a traitor means about as much as some of the names my supposed "friends" called me, traitor being one of the kinder ones and I haven't stopped being what I am, a decent human being.

I've never bought one of her books nor do I plan on it so if she successfully conned a bunch of people to write about her that has no bearing on the fact that they are acting not very different than she does.

Lisa Renee said...

Nor does it address the fact that men who claim to be Democrats are advocating/celebrating physical violence against a woman.

No woman deserves to be beaten or injured by a man...no matter who they are.