Saturday, November 15, 2008

The true test of my will power when it comes to walking...snow

I've been walking almost every day for some time now, I've tried this in the past and have worked my way up from two years ago thinking a mile was an accomplishment to at least two miles a day, sometimes three. The rain didn't stop me, I actually enjoy walking in the rain, but now we come to what has stopped me in the past, snow and cold weather...Why? I always fall because people out here don't salt or shovel their sidewalks. Last year I looked into getting one of the many different types of ellipticals out there so that I could still exercise. Some of them don't take up as much space as others, space is an issue here. I'd actually love to have a treadmill since that would be closer to my walking, but there really isn't any extra space here to be able to do it. My son and two of my daughters work out at a gym, but for me? Having to actually arrange being able to go to work out is something I know I wouldn't follow through on.

I'd plan to go, but something would come up. Sticking to my walking regime on some days was a challenge, but I discovered the more politically heated things got here and on my other blog, the more important it was for me to take that walk. As I sit here right now, it's snowing, not little bits of snow but those big huge fluffy snowflakes, and I shudder...


Cyberseaer said...

You could always save up to get the Wii and then get the Wii Fitness disk with the step that comes with it. It'll be around $350 for both of these things, including tax. But, in the end, you can do your walking inside, along with yoda, balance, and strength training. Plus the Wii Sports game that comes with the Wii is a good workout, and fun, as well.

The initial price may be steep, plus trying to find a console to begin with, but you won't be paying fees each year for a gym.

Look at me, trying to hawk the Wii like a Nitendo salesman. Take it for what it's worth. Just trying to help out and not mess up your post.

Lisa Renee said...

You didn't mess anything up, that's a helpful idea. Now I am regretting I didn't buy my son's wii when he decided to get rid of it.


Barga said...

trip and sue them

Lisa Renee said...

What normally happens is I slip on the ice and fall on my behind, though last year I did hurt my knee one time. I wonder if Kurt would represent me?


Robin said...

They might still have the Wii at the Game Stop on Glendale in front of Walmart. They were selling them for around $250.