Thursday, November 06, 2008

Enjoying some fall moments...those falling leaves

I like to spend time outside, though lately I've been doing less garden work and more time with my granddaughter, even before she started walking she loved being outside. We spent quite a bit of time outside today throwing leaves, which made me start thinking about outdoor chores, which includes gardening. Finding this garden guide came in handy because it breaks down geographically. Which then led me to this page which I found really interesting on Hydroponic Gardens.

I also took a brief jaunt into searching for rakes because as I was having fun throwing leaves around in the air to make my granddaughter laugh, I could not help notice that I was going to have to eventually start raking some of them up. Or find a way to coerce my youngest daughter into doing it...Though I saw some really cute children's rakes, probably not for this year but maybe next year a grandma moment could be raking leaves into piles then jumping into them.

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