Friday, October 03, 2008

Okay so some in Congress folded...

Just four days after the bill's initial demise sparked a free fall on Wall Street, the House approved the legislation 263-171. At 1:23 p.m., the measure cleared a majority of votes, and the chamber broke out in applause.

After initially rejecting the bill by a 2-to-1 margin, House Republicans mustered 91 votes in favor of it on the second try, with 172 Democrats supporting its passage. One hundred eight Republicans and 63 Democrats voted against the bill. The Senate approved the package Wednesday.

Last time it was 205 yes and 228 no...Which means 57 of the House members who initially had a spine? Lost it...Thankfully here in Ohio my representative, Marcy Kaptur did something that is unusual in Washington D.C. - she kept her word and voted no again.


The News Writer said...

My rep, too, voted no both times. And I'm afraid the Republicans changed their minds because they got what they wanted -- more tax breaks for rich folks, less regulation. As for the Dems ... they got some of what they wanted to, just not on the bailout portion of the bill. That's really not compromise -- it's bribery.

Bribery and being bought and sold by their corporate rulers. They don't call 'em "Masters of the Universe" for nothing.

Robin said...

I am proud of Marcy Kaptur and Bob Latta for voting against this bill both times.