Saturday, September 13, 2008

Shocking revelation...ABC cut parts of Palin's answers...

I recommend reading the full transcript of what was cut out, though I don't think it's totally accurate from what I watched as to what was cut out, if you watched, you'll know what parts were cut out.

It's disappointing to say the least that ABC allowed selective cutting and editing of some of the answers that Palin gave as well as removed some of the context to her answers.

It's an industry standard to not include the whole interview, but ABC does not mention that parts of the interview have not been included or that parts of answers were edited out.

Part in bold so that some of my friends who like to make assumptions don't miss that part.

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Mark W Adams said...

I'm not the only one who specifically remember seeing the things the wingnuts are claiming were cut. Steve M at No More Mr. Nice Blog remembers things the same way I do.

There was stuff on three different shows on three different days, and no doubt some of it that was played in full the first night (the only one I saw) might have been recut for continuity later. One of the cuts Levine claims I think makes Palin look better, more forthright since they (allegedly) cut out her avoiding the question about meeting heads of state and Gibson having to reask it.

I remember it the way the transcript appears from the NightLine show. If it was cut on GMA or 20/20 the way Levine says, it shows Charlie asking and her answering, without the evasive stuff about trade reps in the middle.

Either way, if CBS were trying to play with the truth, they wouldn't have put the transcript up before the thing aired.

I also remember Palin talking about keeping good relations with Russia and not returning to the cold war, which Steve M doesn't talk about and Levin says was cut.

I think that was where I threw an empty Tylenol bottle at the TV since it was such a non sequitur when compared to what she said about Georgia, NATO and going to war with Russia "Perhaps so . . ."

War with Russia? Her and what army? No, really? She's nutz.

BTW, Mark Levine? You know he was Rush Limbaugh's lawyer, right?

I can't wait till this election is over so we can start drinking out of the same kool aid vat again.

You know, the media piled on Hillary when she was caught lying about sniper fire. It was a silly thing to lie about, harmless really. And even dumber that the media latched onto it and never let go. Palin and McCain have been more dishonest than Clinton ever dreamed of being. Either Clinton. And their lies are downright dishonorable.

It's beyond mere resume puffing. They are lying to a degree we've never seen before -- and I remember Nixon. This is Baghdad Bob meets George Orwell. You've seen how Bush has lied to us, lied us right into war and bankruptcy. These two have upped the ante.

McCain and Palin are dangerous and ignorant -- and you know it. We aren't just electing a person, but an entire government. We've never seen such incompetence and corruption in the bureacracy, Lisa. Not even during Nixon. It has to be cleaned out.

We've got to shift the Supreme Court back to the middle at least. Over 60% of the Federal Bench and 7 of the Nine Supreme Court Justices were appointed by Republicans. One more -- and the next president WILL appoint more than one -- will not just void Roe, but pretty much eliminate worker collective bargaining rights and equal pay for women and allow the Gitmo crap to continue and virtually eliminate the 4th Amendment and on and on.

It's important Lisa.

It's like this. I don't care if my bus driver is a mother of five as long as she knows how to drive and which direction we're supposed to go. McCain will drive us over a cliff and Palin doesn't even know what the brake is for let alone how to use it.

Give it a rest for the next seven weeks and I promise I will go on a non-stop fact-checking, integrity watching, corruption exposing jihad against any and all incompetent and corrupt democrats right along side you.

No problem really. Media bashing and Politician slapping is what I do. But under another GOP administration, I don't think I could keep doing this anymore. What would be the point.

Lisa Renee said...

Mark, I clearly stated, "though I don't think it's totally accurate from what I watched as to what was cut out, if you watched, you'll know what parts were cut out."

Parts were cut, it was edited, poorly at that and key parts of what was stated were left out of the various versions.

I'm not going to give it a rest for the next 7 weeks, I'm more than confident that I can withstand any fact finding you post because I do the same thing. You've also avoided recognizing that I do the same exact thing no matter who it is. If I think someone is wrong or is being unfair? I point it out.

I am so sick of being bashed, accused and all the rest but I understand why. All that matters to some of you is that a Democrat win. He could murder someone and some of his supporters would find a way to justify it.

The media and most of the blogs are in the tank for Obama, so if this little tiny blog can do it's part to point out things that catch my eye that I think is wrong?

The only way I'll stop is if I am dead, and yeah, some have threatened that too. The democratic party that I voted for a majority of times my whole entire adult life is supposed to be better than this.

More and more women are being turned off just like I already was and maybe Obama will still win, it's not as if McCain is some wonder candidate either.

If Obama wins and things don't get better, I hope those of you who voted for him hold him accountable. I doubt you will since you aren't doing it now...

Mark W Adams said...

"I am so sick of being bashed, accused and all the rest but I understand why. All that matters to some of you is that a Democrat win. He could murder someone and some of his supporters would find a way to justify it."

No Lisa. Just no. Bush/Cheney are war criminals, murders, and they murdered the American Dream too. We were all on their bandwagon on 9/12/01. But now instead of trying to justify their crimes, I took a stand that they are their ilk must go very early in the process and started criticizing their rush to war in Iraq -- as did Obama -- when it was very unpopular to do so.

McCain/Palin are a continuation of this incredibly corrupt and cynical government -- leading through lies and deception. These people have no respect for the Constitution, no respect for individual liberty, no respect for competence or good government. It is a means to seize and distribute power to their friends and promote a broken and archaic ideology.

No politician is pure in all things. I get that. Obama was at best my third, really my fourth choice, tied or below Biden. But he's been given the sword that can slay the monsters who stole our democracy. While Obama isn't all good by a long shot, the current regime IS ALL BAD, and McCain's destiny is to continue that legacy.

NOTHING will get better if McCain is elected, and the Bushies will get away with murder.

I don't think that holding the cape of the designated dragon-slayer is being in the tank. I think that's fighting for the future of our children.

And besides. You really come off as bitter and harboring sour grapes. It doesn't suit you. There's a war going on for the future of our world and we need you in there.

Lisa Renee said...

There comes the "bitter" comment again. McCain and Bush are murderers and war criminals? Then what does that make Clinton or all of congress who not only voted in support of this war but continued to fund it?

I'm not bitter Mark, what I am is sick of the lies and the games played by both parties. The mere fact that I'm not bitter, is pretty amazing, which I'd suggest if someone called your home and called your 13 year old daughter a cunt because they were too stupid to realize she wasn't me? You probably would not be as fair as I've been. I could have easily used this blog and GCJ to really raise hell and to point out some of the real asshats out there who claim to be good democrats as well as some in the ODP and in the Obama campaign. What I've pointed out here is mild compared to what I could do with the knowledge and the information and the evidence that I have. All I want is for people to think and to stop believing everything they are told. I don't want to destroy peoples lives despite the attempts to do it to mine. That would make me no different from them...

In 2006 I made a promise that I was going to try to help make this party better. Having been behind the scenes? It's not possible, it's just as corrupt and just as sleezy as the Republican party. Neither party takes any personal responsibility for anything and why is that? Because we don't do a damn thing about it when they do something we know is wrong.

That may be fine with you, and you may be more than willing to ignore what is being done. I'm not. My support can't be bought, it can't come as the result of attempted bullying or threats, it has to be earned. I'm not some newbie that gets bitter and takes her marbles home when her candidate doesn't win. I am someone who despite the fact that I appear to be surrounded by people who have forgotten what our government and our elected representatives are supposed to do? Will demand accountability, will demand honesty and when I see something out there that I think is wrong? I'll blog about it...damn the torpedos...

Mark W Adams said...

Lisa, that's fine. All I'm saying is that the time for that is over for now. It was very important during the primaries, getting our house in order. We got bigger fish to fry.

To take your "Damn the torpedoes" war cry one further, we need to be at "full steam ahead." Right now we need all hands on deck and at their battle stations.

I am unpersuaded about your alleged knowledge of things that would blow the doors off the ODP and the Dem Party in general. If you really have something, go for it. Damn the torpedoes indeed. If you've witnessed something corrupt and are keeping silent, you shouldn't. Period. If you've got as much integrity as I hope you do, you would have already written the expose.

I'm truly chagrined that your family has been brought into this and that you've received threats. I would be decimated if those despicable people were democratic party activists. Were they? I've no doubt you wrote about it but I missed it.

Nevertheless, note I didn't say you were bitter, just that you came across that way. I'm noting a reasonable inference, one I really don't believe. Now, after seeing the YouTube you posted -- I'm not so sure.

Just keep this in mind. Sarah Palin said she felt kind of bad she couldn't support a woman, but she didn't like Clinton's "whining."

So which is it? Are you whining or are you siding with the lady who said Hillary was?

Lisa Renee said...

Mark, I really don't care if you believe me or not, trying to imply I'm lying won't get me to fly into some type of a hissy fit to feel I have to "prove it" to you. Considering you've already made some pretty wrong assumptions as well as even accused me of deleting your comments when it was your error...If you don't believe me? I'll live with it, though it's been interesting to see who's called since I posted that last night.

You already have a bit of evidence on the blog, that's minor in comparison to what has happened.

So, now we've moved on from the "bitter" accusation and it's the next popular one to throw out, the basic "you are either with us or against us" type theme in asking me:

So which is it? Are you whining or are you siding with the lady who said Hillary was?

Now, I could ask you the same sort of question, pointing out an Obama statement and we could play an engaging game of tit for tat.

But I'll answer, it would be neither. You seem to forget not long ago we both supported the same candidate, John Edwards. The fact that I made the decision to then support Clinton, which by the way it seems as if most of my concerns as to why I thought she would be better than Obama have been evidenced, but since I'm a woman, it's automatically assumed I'm a hard core bitter Hillary supporter. The irony of the sexism in that assumption is noted...

Had Obama picked Clinton, it would have had an impact on my opinion, since it would have shown he showed the same sound judgment that Kennedy did when he picked LBJ. It would have demonstrated this whole unity thing was more than just lip service. I like many others would have said, "maybe I was wrong about Obama."

So, does that automatically mean I support Palin? Not in the way you assume. As a woman who watches sexism and male domination play such a large role in our lives and in politics, I don't support Palin being treated differently by the media or bloggers. I'm not naive enough to not realize that a woman, even a Republican woman elected to the second highest office would have an impact on my gender.

I am however, not a one issue voter, even when it comes to gender...I am a one issue person when it comes to pointing out things I take issue with no matter who they are, which if you've paid any attention to what I do here and locally? Is sometimes directed at candidates or elected officials I am friends with and have voted for. Some believe in selective truth...I don't.

I don't tell people who to vote for, but I would like them to think, and perhaps someday realize that the real problems we experience require more than alternating a D with an R in the Whitehouse...

I still believe the way to change can only happen locally first, but it's clear that's not going to happen for quite some time in Toledo. The power is too firmly in place and there are not enough who are brave enough to try to make anything different. I'd judge my two year attempt thus far to be a failure when it comes to making a real difference, I'll have to be satisfied with only adding a few more cracks to the glass ceiling that involves more than just my gender...

Mark W Adams said...

I really don't know what the hell you're talking about. I remember very well you supported JRE. That's why you've confuse me when you run with McCain/Palin propaganda. When you support people who stand for everything Hillary and Edwards fought against, I look for a reason.

I WANT you to tell me the obvious conclusion is wrong. I also want you to tell me why, but all I'm getting from you is vague innuendo which is rather hard to counter.

It's not just one issue. It's all of them. You can't tell me that while Obama may not be all that good on this item or that proposal that the GOP is offering anything close to how you want things to happen in the next four years. On anything.