Thursday, September 04, 2008

Reid calls Palin "shrill"

Misgony reigns within the Democratic Party again, with the reaction from Harry Reid to Sarah Palin's speech tonight using the word "shrill".

The male CNN commentators tried to dance around it, with Wolf Blitzer first trying to suggest maybe it was not directed at Palin or just at Palin. None of the women commenters agreed, well except Donna Brazelle who tried to dance around the usage of the word shrill. Which is to be expected.

So let's sum up, sexism and media bias...sound familiar?

Recommended post by those only a few former Clinton supporters who have not joined Obama happily and cheerfully according to how CNN pundits are portraying those who have not jumped on the OTrain....


Alex said...

Unbelievable. I didn't catch that remark. Thanks for pointing that out. I surmise that the reason this remark is not being lambasted on the internet by Obama supporters (as they did "racially charged" remarks directed at Obama, which, in my opinion, exclude President Clinton's comments) is because if they admit sexism in the media and in our political discourse, their claims that "Senator Clinton has a "victimization" complex" will be proven baseless. Which it is, of course. This election has certainly proven that sexism is latent to our discourses.

Lisa Renee said...

I wouldn't disagree with what you surmised.