Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama wants supporters to verbally attack neighbors...

Think I'm joking? I'm serious:

In Elko, Obama tried to anticipate his critics and called on the crowd of about 1,500 to sharpen their elbows, too.

"I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face," he said.

"And if they tell you that, 'Well, we're not sure where he stands on guns.' I want you to say, 'He believes in the Second Amendment.' If they tell you, 'Well, he's going to raise your taxes,' you say, 'No, he's not, he's going lower them.' You are my ambassadors. You guys are the ones who can make the case."

The choice of the word "ambassadors" is an interesting one, typically you would think of an ambassador as:

an authorized messenger or representative

Considering the economic experts do not agree with Obama that his plans will lower taxes, unless you are one of those that believe eliminating a tax cut does not create a tax increase, it's something that Obama has said repeatedly that is a part of his campaign platform. Nor does it seem that a majority of Americans believe that Obama will not raise taxes, as Chris points out:
In the Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted earlier this month, more than half of those tested (51 percent) said that if Obama was elected federal taxes would go up; compare that to the 34 percent who said taxes would go up in a McCain Administration. The New York Times/CBS News poll released last night echoed the findings of the Post survey. Forty-nine percent said they believed their taxes would go up if Obama was elected president while 34 percent said their taxes would rise if McCain wins in November.

Obama wants his supporters to lie to you, he will increase taxes, why they continue to play games rather than be honest is just as disturbing as him telling people to get in their neighbors faces and argue with them. His plans for health care are based on eliminating a tax cut, which will increase taxes. He's gone on the record as also supporting increasing the wage cap on Social Security, which will increase your taxes. He's gone on record as stating if you are a CEO, you will pay more in taxes.

Anyone with the slightest amount of common sense realizes that if businesses pay more taxes, they will increase prices which means this whole naive line about how it will not cost the middle and the lower middle class more is plain unadulterated bullshit. Democrats believe you can't handle the truth, there are only two options out there, cut government spending or raise taxes. Even Fact Check has stated that some of Obama's comments were "worthy of a ref's yellow flag."

The reality is, if you want universal health care, if you want the programs that Obama is promising, you will pay more one way or the other, either through direct tax increases or as a result of someone else's taxes being increased. Many would still think it was worth it, and the honesty? Would be might just make people believe that maybe Obama really was different...


Jason R. said...

Lisa Renee - Another great post! I love this site. You keep me up to date when I don't have time to read up on things myself. I think for Obama ambassador = bully.

Lisa Renee said...

A friend actually im'd me with the first link this morning, so I have to thank him for pointing it out to me. Which then the second story when I received my daily email from Chris fit in with the theme.

Wayne said...

I've just posted and linked to your post Make coffee, Obama supporter may come for a visit, invite them in, listen then share

Obama has sent out his supporters to canvas door to door, to get in peoples faces. Great opportunity for a sit down, using Christian principles; give them blessings, coffee offer them something to eat. Evangelist missionaries have often noticed that after you let somebody talk first about what they believe and you listen contently, that they become open to listen to what you have to say.

wentzr said...

Seriously. With all due respect, where do you get your facts?

I'm curious where you get the idea that Obama will raise your taxes. If you are of the less than 2% making more than $603,402 annually, yes Obama will raise your taxes.. But anybody making less than $226,981 a year will be getting a tax RETURN.

Read Here and Here..

Know why McCain's tax plan "could increase the national debt by as much as $4.5 trillion with interest"?? Because McCain is proposing giving money back to ALL tax brackets. How in the world is he going to fix our economy for free?

Lisa Renee said...

wentzr - read the post, he is going to increase taxes. Maybe not on you but it is a complete fabrication to claim "I'm not going to raise taxes."

He's going to increase the Social Security threshold and he is going to eliminate tax cuts, which is an increase in taxes.

Now, if he qualified it with the truth, "I'm not going to raise taxes for 95% of you that are working families with kids" that would be true. If you are a senior citizen, or if you make a certain amount of money? Your taxes would go up under Obama.

Lisa Renee said...

Clarification - 32% of Senior Citizens would see a tax increase.