Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama Thought police?

I've seen quite a bit of blog bashing as well as have had more than a few experiences with Obama supporters that are not happy with my lack of open love of the Democratic candidate. I remember very well what happened to Tavis Smiley when it was thought he was a *gasp* Hillary supporter. I remember it as it was just yesterday:
But putting the suddenly hate Smiley tide aside for a moment. There are two shames and tragedies here. The first is that if an African-American, and it makes no different whether it's a Smiley, or anyone else, even dares breathe a kind word about Hillary Clinton they will be run out of Dodge on a rail. Heaven forbid if they declare that they will vote for Clinton. No matter how many reasoned arguments they give--her experience, grasp of the issues, programs, and positions, staunch history in support of civil rights, women's rights, and social justice issues and Obama's paper thin if not outright dubious record on all of the aforementioned. Then remind the Obama chorus that the last time they looked the strength of democracy and the first amendment is the right to back a candidate of their choice and not be subjected to a verbal public lynching for making their choice.

What I didn't realize was how far beyond harassing individuals this has gone, that "Obama Action Wires" (one example) are being sent out to try to stop radio shows, as the NRO media blog pointed out.

What this means is there is an organized effort to tell people what to say and to make sure that anyone who asks questions is harassed. Free speech is great, as long as it's their free speech. I get emails from both parties, here in Ohio when a McCain or Palin speaking event happens, protests are organized to disrupt the speech and/or to be outside the event with press releases sent out with Democratic officials from whoever is closest who will speak out about McCain. When Biden or Obama comes? Nothing...no organized disruptions by the party, no organized protests outside of the event with local Republicans talking about how bad an Obama Whitehouse would be.

My party has no faith in your ability to make an intelligent decision based on facts rather than innuendo and rumor, hence? Anyone who is not with them? Has to be against them.

Just ask Sacha Millstone, what crime did she commit? She made comments like this:
“Barack Obama all summer long seems to have identified Democrats that weren’t with him and decided that he didn’t need them,”

"Isn't there a right to free speech? Isn't this right in line with our time-honored tradition with the Dems?" she said. "These intimidation tactics have a chilling effect on people feeling comfortable speaking up."

Yes, they do and that's exactly why it's still being done. Which is why many feel it's time for a New Agenda.


citizenwells said...

I have been writing about the Obama thugs and Thought Police for months. They are real.
A good recent example is the actor Jon Voight who received vicious attacks for asking simple questions.
I have a new article about prosecutors in Missouri going after people and ads telling "lies" about Obama. This is straight out of 1984.

GrannyGrump said...

It's become literal. Obama literally has sheriffs and prosecutors in Missouri who have formed "Barack Obama Truth Squads" to tell everybody "that Barack Obama is a Christian who wants to cut taxes for anyone making less than $250,000." AND they are going to bring law enforcement down on the heads of anybody who puts forth an ad or a "statement" that the Truth Squad" considers "false" or "misleading".

If this is what he's like as a candidate, imagine him in the White House. Have you read "The Gulag Archipelago"?