Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama campaign mocks McCain's war injuries?

Unless whoever made this commercial and approved this commercial has been living in a dark room without any human contact, they should be pretty aware of the physical limitations of John McCain as it has been previously reported why he doesn't use a computer. His arms were broken too many times to comfortably type. He does supposedly read things online using a mouse.

My step-grandfather lost a good part of his arms and his legs due to gangrene after getting frostbite on a hunting trip. If he were alive today, he'd be unable to type email, but I'm pretty damn sure he'd be sitting next to me in his wheelchair telling me what to write or reading what was online...He voted every year and even had his picture taken with a president...he voted Democrat and I have a strong feeling, he'd be ashamed of what the Democratic Party has become.

Older Americans or anyone who has been injured in a war or not in a war, deserve respect...and I don't know about you, but I personally don't give a rats ass if the President knows how to send emails, that's what they have staff for. Sure they should understand technology but it's clear he does, and he reads blogs:

Mr. McCain: I use the Blackberry, but I don’t e-mail, I’ve never felt the particular need to e-mail. I read e-mails all the time, but the communications that I have with my friends and staff are oral and done with my cell phone. I have the luxury of being in contact with them literally all the time. We now have a phone on the plane that is usable on the plane, so I just never really felt a need to do it. But I do – could I just say, really – I understand the impact of blogs on American politics today and political campaigns. I understand that. And I understand that something appears on one blog, can ricochet all around and get into the evening news, the front page of The New York Times. So, I do pay attention to the blogs. And I am not in any way unappreciative of the impact that they have on entire campaigns and world opinion.

Which means not only could this insult a large number of our society? It's not even really accurate to imply he doesn't use email because he's too old...


Mark W Adams said...

It's called Out. Of. Touch. Not too old. My 72 year old mother used a computer, and taught me, right up until she died.

Man, once you get into the habit of finding Obama insults everywhere your favorite anti-Obama talking points tell you to look, no matter how absurd, you just can help yourself.

Wow, I thought this was just the usual Jonah Goldberg fantasy, but you picked it up fast.

Kinda funny that McCain has no problem pushing the little buttons on his cell phone. You've been had.

I learned the hard way to wait for the other side to chime in before I went with something Drudge puts out there. You should too.

Alex said...

I saw the ad, and I fail to understand how it mocks McCain's war injuries. The message is manifest: As Mark writes, "it's called Out. Of. Touch.", a message often repeated throughout this campaign. Your argument seems to be based on assumptions about the Obama campaign, which aren't valid in my opinion.

Lisa Renee said...

If you can't write an email because of your physical limitations it's not being "out of touch".

Considering the reference the "can't use an email"? It's pretty darn easy to make the conclusion:

McCain gets emotional at the mention of military families needing food stamps or veterans lacking health care. The outrage comes from inside: McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes. Friends marvel at McCain’s encyclopedic knowledge of sports. He’s an avid fan - Ted Williams is his hero - but he can’t raise his arm above his shoulder to throw a baseball.

I don't advocate the Paul Hackett theory...It turns my stomach.

Lisa Renee said...

And Mark? I researched this on my own. I don't wait for Drudge or anyone else to tell me how I should think.

Mark W Adams said...

Lisa, the ACLU wants their card back. You aren't allowed to be a card-carrying liberal and defend Palin/McCain.

Those people are dishonest and dangerous.

mark skeldon said...

As someone who has enjoyed your blogs over the past few years it has been difficult reading this one lately.

Obama has his faults as I've conceded in the past, but to me, the lack of focus on McCain and the policies he's proposing is neither liberal nor common sense.

Lisa Renee said...

I'll be happy to send them their card back if they don't agree with the theory of "if it's wrong, it's wrong" no matter who it is.

As someone who is still a Democrat, it's our responsibility to demand our party be accountable. Very few are doing that. They'd rather try to make this seem as if it is a war. It's not...

Lisa Renee said...

Mark S.

If we really want to talk about the issues, and issues are supposed to matter than why is the Obama campaign doing what they are doing right now? When he starts focusing on the issues or policy instead of playing games, then your criticism would be fair.

I'm sorry that neither of you can understand that to me? We're the one who's supposed to demand better, not look the other way and pretend it's okay as long as we win. I never had the trust in Obama to begin with, I've never hidden that and I have not seen one single thing happen that has made me think that I was wrong.

It would be easy to just be quiet and not write what I think is wrong, the death threats would stop, my daughter would eventually be able to answer the phone if it wasn't a phone number she didn't know. I wouldn't have to get hate mail or have people tell me that I'm a bad democrat, a traitor, a bitch, I've even been called a cunt, ironically something that supposedly is supposed to be bad since it's one of the McCain "no-no's" the hypocrisy I've witnessed has been amazing. I'd be included in news conferences, I probably would have been able to go to Denver and my other blog would not be ranked as terrible by those who are petty. Frankly? I think all of those who don't demand more from their party and it's candidates are the ones who should be questioning their "good" or "bad" status.

I personally think I've earned the right to write what I think, and it's come at a very high price. One that I think sucks that I've had to pay but I'm not going to start cowering in the corner any time soon. The very fact that I have had to go through all that I have for first daring to support Clinton, then daring to open my mouth when I think things are wrong? Should show you how wrong things are when people supposedly on "our side" do this to others.

I've been much more fair in my coverage of stories that I think should be pointed out than what I have personally experienced. I've resisted the temptation to really strike back at them. Because I realize something very important...I don't want to be like them...

Lisa Renee said...

Finally, if either one of my "Mark's" were paying attention, I do point out things I disagree with on the other side, though at times it's kind of pointless because of the pile on factor...

Here and Here and Here.

Perhaps I should delete those since it doesn't fit in with my supposed Anti-Obama 24/7 focus....


mark skeldon said...


My post was intended to let you know that as someone who normally finds your blog interesting, I've been disappointed with what I think have been overly critical Obama posts and very little in the way of critisism for McCain. (I know you have posted a few about McCain)

I don't consider you a traitor or any of the other names you've been called. You shouldn't have to go through all that for expressing your opinion.

I just don't want to see Democrats lose another election because of a overly inflated negative image about their candidate while the Republican nominee manages to escape his parties failure in the executive office.

I would also agree with your post that the media is failing us. To me whether Palin can handle being president and a mom of 5 is a non issue. Her husbands DUI 20 years ago is as well. The press wasted a lot of time with that stuff while I had a whole bunch of other questions about her, like who is she, and what does she stand for, and why can't anyone talk to her. Some media may have thought that they were helping Obama by reporting on those stories but I think they hurt him.

Lisa Renee said...

Mark, I'm not telling people not to vote for Obama, or to vote for Obama or to vote for or against McCain.

What I am trying to do is point out what's wrong, and if the media was in the tank for McCain? I'd be doing exactly what I'm doing now, but the focus would be more on what he's doing wrong.

If I were making this stuff up or if I was never pointing out things I noticed that were wrong from "the other side" that would be one thing.

All I expect from people is that they vote with their eyes wide open and realize that no matter which candidate they support, it's politics as usual because we allowed it to be.