Thursday, September 18, 2008

More hosting tips...

As more people start blogging and as more discover what they can do with blogging software like Wordpress or Drupal as opposed to using free blogging programs like the one you see here, blogger, finding out information such as a web hosting rating system can come in handy. Especially if you have never had your own domain and hosting, it can seem very complicated at first. Sites out there like Web Host Rating do a good portion of the footwork for you, which makes it much easier to compare.

Cost is another factor, for many they don't feel they blog enough or will use the additional features that they would be able to access in a paid hosting situation to justify it. There are quite a few cheap hosting options out there that are cheap as far as price but not cheap as far as features. Since I do use paid hosting for some of my other blogs, I learned the hard way that not all hosting providers are created equal. Depending on your level of tech skill, you may be better off going with one of the higher priced hosting companies that provides a higher level of tech support.

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The News Writer said...

I suggest for hosting. It truly is nearly free -- you pay for just what you use and nothing more. No monthly fees. Their tech support is fantastic -- and FAST. They support cgi, php, etc and it's quite easy to set things up. There's no browser access for uploading and editing, however, but I've successfully used to set that up. Genesis used to be free and now costs $29 for a single user -- not much for what it does. Of course, with Wordpress, etc, you don't need that either,just an FTP to get stuff up to the site. Lots of free ones of those around. Cyber Duck for Mac, Coffee Cup for Windows are my fav freebies, but there are plenty more, including some with very little cost.

I've also moved my domain name registration to Nearly Free Speech because it just makes it so much easier.