Friday, September 26, 2008

The fourth wave...the impact of words...

I was over at The New Agenda, reading posts, and I came to this one This is the Fourth Wave in which an answer to an email is given. As I was reading I read these words:

When McCain picked Palin, I found my inbox flooded by emails from the women who had been critical of Hillary for being part of the old establishment, or for not being likable enough. Now these same women were emailing me about Palin and her inexperience, her issues (many of which were factually incorrect), and how dare McCain pick a woman, anyway!

I have had enough. This has to change starting TODAY. Starting today, we have to learn to look out for each other, to support each other and to teach our daughters to do the same.

A mother wrote to me at The New Agenda:
I have four daughters, the youngest is 14. Yesterday she turned to me and said she didn’t think women should be in politics anymore, that men would not let them win. That was disturbing, especially coming from the child who at age 11 volunteered on her own to work on a city council campaign and at one time said she wanted to become President.

This girl isn’t overreacting. She’s a teenager. She’s seen the lay of the land and she wants no part of it. But this is not what we want for her, nor for our own daughters.

I'm that mother...So when some of you are bashing me or calling me or writing me hate filled emails or telling me that you want me to meet with people who will "show me the light" and somehow convince me that I'm wrong? (The irony being that all of those who have called, and who have identified themselves via email and blog have been white males.) The comment I left on that thread, says it all. And yes, you'll have to go there to read it.


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