Monday, August 25, 2008

Rift deeper than a clash of personalities...

Supposedly it's just a few people and republican operatives, yet, some of the polling numbers suggest it's more than that when you read this:

Polling seems to suggest that the rift is deeper than simply a clash of personalities. In a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, roughly two thirds of self-identified supporters of Hillary Clinton in the primary are now backing Obama while 27 percent say they will vote for John McCain in the fall. A survey done last week for NBC and the Wall Street Journal showed an even clearer divide with only 52 percent of Clinton backers siding with Obama in the general election.

Are people just angry and/or disappointed and in the end they will decide that Obama/Biden is the lessor of two evils? I think that's possible, but quite a bit hinges on what happens between now and November 4th.

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