Saturday, June 21, 2008

Watching Obama supporters react to his FISA position...

Well, one thing about the hard core Obama supporters, no matter what happens? Some find a way to justify it, others are pissed. In many of the left side of the blogosphere blogsites anger, disappointment and a claim that they are done with Obama are happening. Comments like this:

I'll just be voting for _someone else._ And don't bother trying to convince me that I'm trapped by some faux dichotomy between these parties. As far as I'm concerned, it's time to dump _both_ the Democratic and Republican parties.

The party system in this country has done more damage to our republic in my lifetime than I ever expected to see. We're at the brink, and this time it's the Democrats who are at fault.

Hillary should come out strongly against this. Barack is a turncoat.

Behave like Republicans all you like. Vote to legitimize tyranny and lawlessness. Capitulate to every demand, no matter how unreasonable, and they will not be satisfied. They will never be satisfied. Not until the whole atmosphere is disinfected from the taint of liberty, justice and equality. Dipshits.

But I take some comfort that -- despite everyone clamoring for him to take a position -- Obama needed 24 hours of soul-searching before concluding he had to sell out.

So now it's a question of who gets to spy on us -- Barack Obama or John McCain. I guess I'm still voting for Obama...

I suspect that most of Barack's voters understand the difference between political necessity in the current climate vice a character flaw. I suspect most of us aren't so childish that we would bite off our nose to spite our face.

If the bill passes in the senate there will be no more doubt about what a Obama administration will look like. We will know.

First words from a Obama administration will be; "Let us forget the mistakes of the past and move on. Now is not the time to investigate the previous administration, it is the time to work together to bring our country together so we can look toward a better future."

You could see it coming when he unveiled his national security advisor panel last week. It was full of bums.

Obama's statement, summarized: "I opposed the Protect America Act before I voted for it."

Obama has jumped the shark.
It means that Obama is just another politician with a nice turn of phrase.
It means that we will probably never get universal health care in our life time.
It means the end of "Change that We can believe in."
It means the end of my four month old overwhelming support I have held for Obama.
It means that he's just another lying sack in a suit of a politician after all.

If he politicks right now, so be it. I will not lose this election to John McCain because Obama decides to appeal to the middle. As long as he doesn't remain there once he gains the White House. We know who he is, yes?

I'll vote for him - because at least he won't bomb Iran. [I think.] But I'll never trust him again.

Bad law is bad law. No President should have the power to override the protections of the Constitution. NO PRESIDENT!!!! Not even Obama.

I could continue, there are thousands of them out there, but I think you get the drift...


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa I live in Findlay ,Ohio I also love politics.Today has really been injoyable.Other then my freedoms being taken away not a bad day.Watching the obots turning on each other is fun.My favorite is when he dumb one says."Calm down whats the big deal"

alex said...

Yes, he appeals to the "middle," however, he strays from principle, which is all Obama has. I've avoided supporting him because I believe he is principle without substance; without principle, what does he have left?

mark skeldon said...

This is a losing issue for Obama no matter what he does. As a supporter I'm a little disappointed because he did advocate public finance before.

If he accepts the public financing though he loses a major advantage against McCain. Obama's supporters so far have given much more than McCain's and are likely to continue doing so. So if he accepts the public financing he's giving up a major fundraising advantange, one that if I remember correctly has been enjoyed by Republicans in the past.

If he accepts the public financing he has kept his word, but at what price to his campaign. I agree with Alex that he may be better off saying that he had no idea he could raise this much money, and do it mostly from individual online donors.

McCain on the other hand wins either way. He either takes away Obama's fundraising advantage or can call him a flip flopper.

I'm not entirely sure that Obama made the right choice, but the alternative was not great for him either.

Lisa Renee said...

While it is important for people to try to not be "one issue voters", FISA was a huge issue to the netroots. It's hard to not view this as a scenario where now that he has gotten the nomination, that he is forgetting a key thing that most candidates forget.

"Dance with the one who brung you"

He knows what they know, they really have no choice now but to support him or to allow McCain to win.