Thursday, June 12, 2008

Computers and memory....

I've had really horrible luck with the HP Pavilion that I got almost a year ago, to the point I've spent hours on the phone trying to deal with tech support in India, having the computer sent in for repairs twice and I've noticed that the loaner that I was given has some of the same basic issues that one did. One of the tech's told me several months ago that it was related to the computer memory that this particular computer did not have enough to run Vista. Which of course made me ask if that was true then why did HP build and sell this particular system with Vista? I do think part of the reason why it runs slower than a machine this size should is due to Vista being such a resource/memory hog, however the proven issues with my computer were related to the harddrive. As each day passes the idea of just loading Windows XP on it and being done with Vista gets more tempting.


Cyberseaer said...

I feel your pain, Lisa. I say just load up XP, it will save you lots of headaches. Vista isn't the next step to XP, it's a step behind. I hear that Microsoft is starting to develop a new operating system ahead of schedule since Vista is such a dud. Plus the fact that HP doesn't make great PCs. Next time you should get a Dell or a Sony. Sony cost a little extra, but I keep hearing that their tech support is second to none. I have been using Dells for a long time now and tech support is hit of miss. But the computers have been top notch. Ever since I got my first Dell laptop three years ago, I haven't bought anything but Dell computers. (Do you think I can get some cash for this commerical from Dell? ;) )

You could always get a Mac machine and see if going to the other side of the tech world is better.

Lisa Renee said...

lmao - If Dell contacts me I'll let you know. I had a Sony before, I gave it to Aubrey when I upgraded to this one - 7 years and it's still running fine - on XP. We do have a Mac, I don't like it - Miguel took it since he destroyed his laptop by spilling pop on it.

He seems happy with it...I hesitated in getting an HP, hesitated even more with Vista. I should have followed my instincts on both.