Sunday, June 08, 2008

The attempt to make McCain a monster...

Hypocrisy is a huge part of the political process, it's wrong to try to smear or imply things about "your candidate" but acceptable to do so about "the other guy" or "gal" as we recently saw in some of the Democrat on Democrat "festivities" we just survived through.

Now the focus is on trying to make McCain seem like a monster, rather than to make this be about who has better ideas or a better campaign platform. I think this is dangerous because it continues to perptuate the attack mentality and it's the essence of hypocrisy to support someone because they are supposedly above that then to engage in it yourself. Most people are not going to have much contact directly with a candidate, so how their supporters represent that candidate has an impact. The brutal honesty part of the reason many Clinton supporters have issues with the Obama campaign is more than just Obama, it's was some of the Obama supporters. A few have expressed to me they can't imagine working on the Obama campaign with some of the people who they came into contact with. To be equally fair, I know a few Obama supporters who have said the same thing about Clinton supporters.

I remember the campaign in 2000 very well, which apparently some have forgotten. I remember what Karl Rove did to the McCain family in South Carolina.

I agree with Ann Banks pointed out in January of 2008 that it seems odd that McCain could forgive some of the very people responsible for what he stated in this interview:
Dadmag: During your campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination Bridget became something of an issue in South Carolina didn't she?

McCain: Yeah. There were some pretty vile and hurtful things said during the South Carolina primary. It's a really nasty side of politics. We tried to ignore it and I think we shielded her from it. It's just unfortunate that that sort of thing still exists As you know she's Bengali, and very dark skinned. A lot of phone calls were made by people who said we should be very ashamed about her, about the color of her skin. Thousands and thousands of calls from people to voters saying "You know the McCains have a black baby" I believe that there is a special place in hell for people like those.

Actually what Rove did was worse than ask if the McCains had a black baby it was:
"Would you be more or less likely to vote for John McCain...if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?"

Has he really forgiven those who did this to him that cost him that election back in 2000? Has he decided instead that having people like that on his payroll serves his immediate needs?

If I ever had the chance to ask John McCain a question it would be does he still believe those who were involved in what happened in South Carolina in 2000 still have a special place in hell waiting for them and if not, what made him change his mind...

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kateb said...

That was a truly disgusting thing to do. Everyone knows now that the McCains adopted that baby from an orphanage in Bangladesh. The same one that Mother Theresa ran.

I do think there is a special place for people like that in hell. I'd like to see the look on their face when these know it alls start the voyage too :-)