Thursday, April 10, 2008

I actually agree with McCain

I know this could come as a shocker but, I agree with John McCain as it is being reported in the Washington Post:
On the housing crisis, McCain again made clear his opposition to broad federal intervention. He said he still opposes helping those who fed the speculative frenzy in the housing and credit markets. "Tax breaks for builders, funds to purchase homes in foreclosure and tax credits that are not targeted to where the need is greatest do not constitute the federal help that is warranted," he said.

Instead, McCain proposed a federal program that would require individual homeowners to seek help from the government and, if they qualified, enable them to restructure mortgages and stay in their homes.

Families who can afford their current, albeit higher, mortgage would not qualify, and the assistance would cover only primary residence.

In reading that the Senate had approved a $7,000 tax break for those who buy a home that was foreclosed, I would that actually help the family who was in foreclosure? All that does is make it easier for others to take advantage of the loss of their home. I do think if there is going to be any kind of assistance it should be limited to those who are the ones who would be out on the street when their home is foreclosed on...That should be the primary focus.


Mark W Adams said...

God Lisa, I hope you know that is a complete reversal from what he was saying just last week and he's throw in the towel on his own proposal.

Anyone can agree with McSame half the time since he is a two-faced suck-up, he's bound to have said something you like just after or before he said the opposite to someone else. And he's too feeble-minded to keep track of his BS.

Lisa Renee said...

Mark, of course it's related to political pandering, but it's one of the few things he's said recently that I agree with.


Hooda Thunkit said...


Do those other dems know that you agree with Juan on this?

Rather inconsistent of you, agreeing with a RHINO like that, but I can agree with your sentiments as even McCain gets one right..., once in a while ;-)