Saturday, April 26, 2008

Games online for Macs

We do have one Mac computer at home and it is not often that there is a site that is specifically created to give information for Mac users to play games online. At least not at the level that Mac Poker provides. Not only is the website very user friendly for users of the Mac (and even those who have those "other" pcs) but the amount of information provided is pretty stellar. From the front page where updates and other information is listed to reviews of places to play Mac Poker that are rated so you know which ones you might like to try first.

Then, there are ways for you to get a Poker Bonus which makes playing even better when you can get an additional bonus. There are also featured games, such as Fulltilt Poker with more reviews, bonuses and this particular game is Windows and Mac friendly which means if you have a household like ours, I could play online downstairs while my husband plays online upstairs. I personally enjoy reading the Poker Strategy Forum, I've learned some really great tips there and I highly recommend it for beginners. It's obvious the creator of this website spent quite a bit of time putting all of these resources in one spot and while the site does cater to Mac users, anyone can make use of some of the great features of the website.

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