Sunday, February 03, 2008

Should Bill's presidency matter when it comes to Hillary?

Should part of the discussion when it comes to Hillary focus on the Bill Clinton Legacy? I'm not really sure on that one, realizing that Bill Clinton is a good campaign asset for Hillary the reality is beyond helping her to campaign and being the one who created the reason why she had some experience with what it was like to be in the White House, he's really not going to be a huge part of her presidency. I realize there are those that think he'll be telling her what to do, but she has a record of achievement as a Senator on her own merits and I don't expect that to change.

Politically if you believe the philosophy of the Clinton years was a good one, they do share some of the same beliefs but she's not a cookie cutter of Bill Clinton. This leads me to not place to much emphasis on this when it's used as a reason to elect her or as a reason to not elect her. I think despite having the popularity help of Bill Clinton (similar to what Obama has with Oprah) the candidates have to stand on their own merits...Or at least should stand on their own merits.

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Cyberseaer said...

Should Hillary win, then that only means two families will have been in the White House for 24 years. Ewww!!!

Can someone else mess up the sheets this go around?