Sunday, February 17, 2008

Obama uses speeches from others?

Yeah well, it's okay, "it's only words" or is it? ABC News has reported that a recent speech given by Obama sounded very familiar to one given by another candidate who also used David Axelrod. Most of us who are being logical realize that Obama is only reading words written by others as opposed to stating words from his own heart. Of course the in the comments on the ABC website, the Obama supporters are demonstrating what they do best, the opposite of what the candidate claims to be about, uniting. It's been a very divisive campaign as far as the supporters, much more full of hatred and disrespect than the last Democratic primary which leaves me wondering what the end result will be after the convention. While the Hillary supporters online throw a few jabs at times, it does seem as if the Obama camp is doing a better job on the net in trying to silence people by bullying and by making the never ending claim that disagreeing with Obama somehow makes you racist. I don't think they realize that they are probably turning more people away from their candidate than towards him.

Maybe if people realize it's the speech writers who are doing such an excellent job some of the reports of fainting will calm down a bit.

As the focus turns to Ohio, this article from the Washington Post caught my eye.

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Roland Hansen said...

The speeches to which B.O. alludes were more than just words because they were spoken by people who had a real record of accomplishment --- quite unlike B.O. who is just words with no real accomplishments.