Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama states we want honesty...yes...we do..

I'm trying to listen to Barack Obama on CNN, I'm trying very hard to see what people who are mesmerized in him see in him. Then he makes a comment about how the American people want honesty. Sigh...

Selma...that's not being honest...Yes, I know I can't get past that one moment. That for me is and was the deal breaker and I have not yet seen anything or heard anything that makes me believe I can ignore that dishonesty.

I am really ready for change, just not sure if I want Obama's kind of change...


Scott G said...

I am not sold on Senator Obama, but I know that I can't support Senator Clinton. I have tried to like her, but I just can't do it. President Clinton has a lot to do with it because I am pretty much tired of even listening to him, but I also don't think she is the person to lead us out of where we are.

I still wish it was Edwards, but I am leaning Obama or no one right now.

Lisa Renee said...

Scott, I understand, I'm not going to lie and say I'm crazy about Clinton but I'm in the same situation where I can't see myself supporting Obama.

Gary said...

I am so with you guys, except I am supporting her. I am ignoring the Bill-factor as best I can, but see that as a significant detractor, and likely deal breaker for her.

Obama will ultimately get my support, but that is because my "hope" for change is strong enough, that in the absence of Hillary's real plans, I will give Barack the chance to prove the rhetoric he so freely spews.

I will "hope" for change, and vote for the hope if that is all I am left with. I would much prefer to vote for change that is clearly outlined and more strongly beneficial to my relationship (I trust Hillary much more on the gay thing), but I am becoming increasingly certain that she can't win, and any attempts to derail Obama that are seen as underhanded will only further his popularity.

So there ya go...For what it's worth.

PS -- Miss seeing you both on my page. ;-)

Lisa Renee said...

Gary, I know I've sucked lately as far as being a good blog friend, local politics has been crazy but I promise to visit more often.