Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Obama did vote "Present" and Illinois NOW did not agree with him...

Bottom line despite the way it's reported in the Washington Post, NOW Again Attacks Obama's Illinois Voting Record on Abortion Bills is that what is being stated by NOW is true. Barack Obama voted "present" and it went against what the Illinois NOW group took as a position. Taylor Marsh at the Huffington Post has confirmed the quotes attributed to Bonnie Grabenhofer:
Voting Present on those bills was a strategy that Illinois NOW did not support. We made it clear at the time that we disagreed with the strategy. We wanted legislators to take a stand against the awful anti-choice bills being put forth. Voting Present doesn't provide a platform from which to show leadership and say with conviction that we support a woman's right to choose and these bills are unacceptable.

The Present strategy was devised to give political cover to legislators in conservative districts. Barack Obama did not represent a conservative district; he could have voted No with very little negative consequence in his district.

This calls into question what is quoted in the Washington Post:

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), an Obama supporter, sent out a reply to the NOW e-mail yesterday afternoon, defending his record on abortion and criticizing the e-mail as an effort to "to falsely attack and artificially divide us."

It would seem that Ms. DeLauro is ignoring that this is not false or artificial...

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