Sunday, February 03, 2008

I admit I'm rooting for the Giants...

Those of you who know me will know my desperate hanging on to one of the accomplishments of my favorite team, The Miami Dolphins and their perfect season. would be hard for me to root for the Patriots.

That and I like Eli, I've watched him play since college. While so far the game has not exactly been exciting, the touchdown was nice...



Lisa Renee said...

Okay C...go ahead and tell me to let go of the perfect season.


Cyberseaer said...

Well, since you did ask.... Yes, it was quite the accomplishment for the 1972 Dolphins, but that was 36 years ago. Enough Lisa (and all the Dolphin die hards that need to live in the past)!

Hey, the Jets win in Super Bowl III made the entire AFL legit in the eyes of football fans, but that was 39 years ago and though I like to think about that, I don't cling to that like a baby's bottle at snacktime. I'm still waiting for them to win a Super Bowl that I can remember seeing the first time around.

I am so glad that the Pats lost. Now all the Boston fans can cry for the next few months on how they were robbed. The best play of the game was when Eli escape the Pats attack in the 4th quarter to make a critical first down that lead to the game winning touchdown. Seeing Brady get hit so many times was fun to watch. Let my Giants fan friends boast that they have three Super Bowl wins, I have the warm feeling that the Pats blew their chance at football immortality.

Looks like Junior Seau won't get his beloved ring that he came out of retirement for. Heh heh.

Scott G said...

I am tired of hearing those Dolphins talk though. yes, they did something no one else has ever done, but they are not the best team ever in my mind.

I am especially tired of Mercury Morris claiming they were the best then and today. If that team suited up today, other teams would run around them, over them, and they could not stop a spread offense if they were told what play was coming.

Lisa Renee said...

Dolphin haters!