Saturday, January 12, 2008

Love your fishes...

It can be hard to have cats and fish if you don't pay attention to which kind of fish tanks are the best ones to have or where the fish tanks are going to be placed. We've had the cats try to kill our fish on more than one occasion, even successfully knocking over an aquarium one time. Amazingly the fish still lived.

I personally prefer acrylic aquariums since even with a sturdy lid there is always the chance in this household that something will happen and a smaller tank especially will be knocked over. The acrylic is also lighter which makes cleaning easier. I also have discovered that acrylic aquariums come in interesting shapes like a hexagon style or a cylinder that really adds to your room decor. Some of the designs they have a Fish Tanks Direct are almost pieces of art work with the way they are created. You don't have to have a huge fish tank, some of their desktop ones are pretty awesome looking.

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