Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let's see...deprive people of basic necessities...then blame Egypt...

When you read the earlier reports from some of the media, like the Washington Post, Gazans Knock Down Border, Flee to Egypt, Egypt is stuck in the middle of the situation that Israel has inflicted on Palestinians in Gaza. You can't expect to cut off supplies, power and basic items needed for human survival and have people just sit there and take it. So, when the parts of the walls were knocked down, people crossed over, in huge numbers from the sounds of it. Rather than take any responsibility for this at all, the latest news from CNN is stating Israel expects Egypt to 'solve the problem' of mass border crossing and the White House is saying that Hamas is responsible.

Israel and Hamas are responsible, with Israel punishing innocent people many of which are not even Hamas, and the reality is if the idea is to stop Hamas treating people the way in which Israel has is not going to create that goal. Humanitarian organizations warned Israel that their recent cutting off of power and supplies was going to create a crisis. I'd say this is a crisis, and not one of Eygpt's making...

Even the burying the dead is a problem:

Perhaps the busiest people in Gaza now are the gravediggers, who build the graves for the Palestinians killed by deadly Israeli air strikes over the last week.

But the gravediggers are also facing problems due to the Israeli blockade: the cement they use to build the graves has run out and they are now using bathroom tile grout.

"We can't guarantee the quality of work," says Anwar Dramleh, 33, one of the gravediggers told the BBC. "It might lead to water leakage as the graves are not properly finished."

According to the New York Times, Sticking Egypt with the poor appears to be something being considered:
For their part, Israeli officials said that, if controlled, the border opening to Egypt might allow Israel to lock the door to a Hamas-run Gaza and let the Egyptians handle the poverty and problems of the 1.5 million people there.

Further documentation of how those trapped in Gaza feel:
“We thank Hamas for this,” Mrs. Hessin said, holding on to Mrs. Hamdal’s hand. “I’m a Palestinian, not Fatah or Hamas. But I thank Hamas. This is the best thing they have done.”


Scott G said...

Whether or not people support the Israeli position or not, the trust is that without the US, Israel would be seen as an oppressive regime at best. I do think Israel has a right to exist and to protect itself, but so do the Palestinians. And Israel tries to protect itself using terror and saying that don't want to kill innocent people, but they don't act like it bothers them.

Many groups on the Palestinian side are the same and they are all responsible for the problems and use the lives of those they say they serve for political purposes

OFAC said...

It's been interesting watching the media trying to spin people getting access to food, medicine and other supplies as being a problem, and talking about scary "masked gunmen" being responsible for blowing up the wall. As though it's just tens of thousands of Hamas terrorists breaking free to wreak havoc.