Tuesday, January 22, 2008

John Edwards "going all the way"

An interesting email sent out under the name of Joe Trippi, while it contains the fund raising plea aspect there is some information included that is interesting:

Dear Lisa Renee,

I just finished talking with John -- and he's committed to going all the way to the Democratic Convention, taking the nomination and then on to the White House.

We're going to win delegates in South Carolina -- and we're going to win delegates in other critical states on February 5. And with John McCain emerging as the likely nominee for the Republicans, it's becoming clear there is only one Democratic candidate who can win against him in November -- and that is John Edwards.

Poll after poll shows it is John Edwards who can beat any of the Republican candidates in the general election. Now is the time when John Edwards needs your support the most.

That's why I'm making a special appeal for a contribution to help keep John and this campaign fighting for the boldest agenda of change of any candidate.

Your support allows us to expand the broadcast of our campaign spots in those states where we know we can win delegates on February 5, put additional phone banks into place for South Carolina this week and move field staff into the next round of contests.

Over the past two weeks, thousands of you have responded with contributions -- and your support has truly sustained this campaign. Many of you have given for the very first time to John Edwards in the past two weeks.

Can you do it again for John and for our campaign? Can you give us another contribution and help keep us competitive to the convention? John is committed to this fight -- together, we can win!

There is also a link to a YouTube video portion of last night's debate that is recommended to watch

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