Thursday, January 10, 2008

How our marriage saved my husband's finger...

A true story...I used to worry about my husband wearing his wedding ring at work because he works around machinery yet what ended up happening was a piece of equipment came crashing down near his hand. Thankfully the ring took the impact and while it broke? His finger was fine, which just goes to show you, sometimes wedding rings can be very important.



T. F. Stern said...

Lucy and I went on a camping trip with another couple and while setting up the trailer in the middle of a storm the trailer shifted before we got it in place and it came down on my wedding ring. It cut me down to the bone so I removed the ring and put it on my key ring, cleaned the cut and went on with our weekend.

I couldn't wear my wedding ring for a few years because of the raw nerve and scar tissue. I got a lecture from one of my supervisors who noticed my lack of ring, one intended to warn about cheating on wives and embarrassing the Dept. It dawned on me later why I was singled out and I showed him my key ring with the wedding ring along with an explanation of how my finger was damaged.

I now can wear it again and the nerve healed after several years. Now the scar tissue is so thick I couldn't take my ring off if I wanted to.

Glad your husband got lucky too.

Lisa Renee said...

Ouch, that sounds like that was really painful. I'm glad the nerves healed and I bet your supervisor now asks a bit more before he lectures people on fidelity. Granted we've never met in person but in the time I've read your thoughts on your blog and mine, you come across as the very committed type who would not even think of cheating, ring or no ring.

Sometimes I experience swelling, one time was so bad they wanted to cut my ring off. I was stubborn and thankfully the new medication they tried reduced the swelling enough that I didn't have to have the ring cut off.