Saturday, January 12, 2008

Edwards in for "long haul"

Sure, as an Edwards fan I'm happy that he's not planning on pulling out of the presidential race and is banking on South Carolina. I'd love to see him pull off an upset and win in South Carolina.

Yet, my main reasoning aside from being an Edwards fan is it is refreshing to see a candidate not fold under the pressure of the two small primaries and the media hype to keep running. The presidential race should not be a dash, it is a long distance run and if you give up you'll never know if something could have changed before you reach the finish line.


Roland Hansen said...

Edwards should stat all the way to the the National Democratic Convention.
Who knows what can transpir between now and then. There have been plenty of surprises in previous presidential nominations over the course oof United States history. Some apparent "shoe-ins" wound up being "bow-outs" for those of you who have not studied American Presidential politics. There have also been some "dark horse" nominations as well as a "brokered convention" or two.

Lisa Renee said...

Totally agreed Roland.

Roland Hansen said...

oops thgat was supposed to have read "Edwards should stay in all the way ...."
and "transpir" should be "transpire"
and "oof" should be "of"

Dumb keyboard!!!