Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clinton wins in Nevada...

As I scanned Chris Cillizza's email that he just sent me with a link to his latest blog post, Clinton and Romney Win in Nevada, I looked for how John Edwards did...Not good:
With nearly 70 percent of the vote counted, Clinton led with 51 percent to 45 percent for Obama (Ill.). Former senator John Edwards trailed far behind with five percent.

It also does not look as if the endorsement of the Culinary Workers who had supported Edwards in the past but switched to Obama helped Barack Obama:
Despite the support of the Culinary Workers, it was Clinton who dominated the nine Strip casinos -- winning Bellagio and Paris among others. Obama won only Caesars. Turnout on the Strip was far lower than predicted in early estimates -- evidence that in this, the first presidential caucus ever held in Nevada, the universe of voters was emintently changeable.

No word yet on South Carolina except that weather conditions are not looking good with snow expected in some areas which causes major problems in that part of the country.

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Scott G said...

Calling Edwards performance in Nevada "not good" is an understatement. I am still for Edwards, but it was not a good Saturday. I did think he did well in the debate last night though