Friday, December 28, 2007

Should online gambling be banned?

It is already illegal to gamble online in the United States, yet it is also clear that millions of Americans head online looking for the best online casino bonus they can find. The Federal Government has tried to crack down on online gambling but they've found that it is very difficult to shut down, when they do manage to shut one down, others are still out there doing a fairly brisk business, and all you have to do to find one is to search online gambling casino.

If online gambling is to continue to be illegal, it should be banned from US webservers, yet the problem comes in that many will just go to places where it is not illegal to host online gambling, like OnlineCasinosUK. The logistics of creating a total ban of online gambling would be difficult, as evidenced by how governments have been unable to stop child pornography. One possible way to ban online gambling would be to try to control the source of funding, making it more difficult for people to transfer money to the online gambling sites with the possibility of going after those who do gamble online illegally. A few public cases of people being cited for illegally gambling online could have the same affect as the music industry saw with people being cited for illegal downloads of songs.

This way countries who have made the decision to allow people to gamble online would still be able to do so and where it is illegal? It would have the same affect as a ban. While I'm an advocate of personal responsibility, in an online setting there are very few controls in place to stop someone from being ripped off, with many of these sites having no regulation many people discover that not only do they not win, but they lose big...


Anonymous said...
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Squirelmaster said...

I realy feel for you guys in the US. I cant beleive your Congress banned all banks and credit card companies from accepting transactions from online

gambling sites which makes you unable to play online poker. What a bunch of hypocrites your state

government are. They have the largest gambling operations with lotto, keno, etc. If they truly believed their rhetoric about internet gambling they would

cut out the state operations also. And now they are bringing in a law to legalise slot machines. Personally I would have a big grudge against any party

that stopped me from playing on a online poker site. I think there must be some way for you guys

to get around this problem. Must make you wonder if you are living in the land of the free when it seems the government has full control on what it will

and wont let you do.

Anonymous said...
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