Thursday, December 06, 2007

Richardson's statement on Marine Corp request...

This in via email and I though it was interesting enough to share in full:

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson today issued the following statement on the Marine Corps' request to shift out of Iraq and into Afghanistan:

"It is unprecedented in our nation's history for the Marine Corps to ask for permission to leave one war in order to fight another. Although Defense Secretary Gates has rejected Marine Corps Commandant General James Conway's proposal, perhaps the Bush administration should take note of the real meaning of this request: that one of America's military services formally has requested leave from President Bush's failed Iraq policy.

"General Conway has the right idea. The real threat to America is the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11, and they are based on the Afghan-Pakistani border. We need to withdraw all of our forces from Iraq-- leaving behind no residual troops-- and redouble our efforts in Afghanistan.

"Our troops have done everything that has been asked of them and more. They deserve to leave Iraq with honor, and they deserve to begin leaving today. Nearly five years into this war, the death of one more American troop is one too many."

What's especially important to note is this did not come with a plea for campaign donations. Something that has become very unique in this presidential campaign, an actual informational release sent out, which I feel deserves kudos.


Roselle said...

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Scott G said...

They should have done it jointly as branches of the Armed Forces. The Army and navy should have said they wanted to fight terrorism and not create it.

Lisa Renee said...

Hi back Roselle :-)

That's probably true Scott but I felt it especially noteworthy for a presidential campaign to want to share a message without the typical plea for campaign donations. This is the second time the Richardson campaign has sent out something that was informational. I appreciate his campaign being different in that aspect.

From a war standpoint, it shows the Marines are concerned about Afghanistan and that should warrant more attention from the President's administration.