Thursday, December 27, 2007

Navigating Medicare & Medicaid can be a challenge...

While millions of Americans receive Medicare and/or Medicaid, one of the challenges can be figuring out what your rights are and what type of coverage you can expect when you need medical services. Thanks to the internet, there are some good Medicaid and Medicare Resources available online that can help you become a more informed consumer.

Considering how medical costs are rising it's very important to understand what programs are available and what the general requirements are. It's also important to research the different plans out there for gap coverage on what Medicare does not cover, since there can be a difference in not only cost but coverage. As an example, many people are not aware that there are 12 different Medigap plans, some of what is offered can vary by state on top of each plan costing a different premium and providing different services.

Medicaid and Medicare Help as far as information, links and resources can make the difference between selecting the right plan for you or a loved one or being frustrated by the variations in plans and coverage. Knowing where to click and where to call when you need Medicare Information is something I have bookmarked and I recommend you do as well.

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