Monday, December 03, 2007

Great informational site on Declared Strategy Voting

I was involved in a radio program today for a brief interview with John Hockenberry and Adaora Udoji for their series Your Billion Dollar President. I spoke about the Instant Runoff Voting system and why I supported that as a way to change the way we elect presidents. When the audio is up I'll link but in reading the comments at their blogsite, I came across this piece created by Rob Brown, Movie Night (or, "how political parties form and screw everything up....and how to fix it"). It's an excellent explanation of the Declared Strategy Voting system and it's one that I highly recommend you stop by and read.




Approval Voting (the simplest form of Range Voting) is a simpler, cheaper, less problematic, and more democratic system, overwhelmingly preferred by election method experts.

Please see this plea for sanity to the IRV community, from the Princeton math Ph.D. who co-founded the Center for Range Voting.

Clay Shentrup
San Francisco, CA

Lisa Renee said...

Clay, thanks, for me the goal is to start creating discussion on these ideas to get a sense of what has worked, what can work and what can't.

I appreciate your input and I'll head over to read the information you've shared.


I just looked at the Declared Strategy Voting page, and the author is highly uneducated about voting methods. He does not understand that declared strategy voting is just a more complex way of implementing a Condorcet voting method, and that it also rewards voters who are more strategic/savvy than others.

He also does not understand that Range Voting is substantially more utilitarian than Condorcet methods, not to mention simpler than this DSV stuff.

Jack Boyd said...

Great to hear of you asking about instant runoff voting on the radio! Excellent to see the latest news on it out there -- check out