Monday, November 12, 2007

Tom Matzzie leaves Move on?

In what is appearing to be a battle over who can create organizations for soft money comes today's news from Chris Cilliza that Tom Matzzie has left Move On and is apparently not commenting on that:
Tom Matzzie has been hired to run a new organization for 2008, which he has described in an e-mail as a $100 million-plus venture organized around "issues and character." Matzzie is leaving his post as the Washington director of to take the job. He did not return an e-mail seeking comment on his new position.

The news of Matzzie's hiring comes roughly two weeks after a group of the largest donors in the Democratic party gathered in Washington to discuss where they'll put their money during the 2008 race. One of the attendees -- Hollywood producer Steve Bing -- is said to be one of the leading financial forces behind the organization Matzzie has been hired to head.

What does this mean for Move On? I headed over to Daily Kos to see if this was being discussed and nothing came up in the search engine for Matzzie. Not much else was found out there except I did find a blog that's stated to be written by Tom Matzzie or a Tom Matzzie with the last post from 2005, Toledo Nazis are Punk Bitches. Interesting the last post on the blog references my home town...

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