Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Still little foucs on reaching out, except to ask for money...

As the rhetoric increases on the campaign trail, so has the requests for money that provide very little information on platforms or ideals or goals. I have no idea what the Obama campaign is doing, since I've signed up twice now for campaign information and am not receiving emails from them to be able to compare what his campaign is sending out versus the others that are emailing me. From yesterday and today so far here are a few tidbits from the emails I received:
I was with Governor Richardson late that night when my Blackberry started buzzing. It was the office telling me that contributions were coming in so fast that the servers were barely keeping up. By yesterday afternoon we were at $200,000 -- just $50,000 less than the $250,000 goal we set to reach by Thanksgiving!

It's clear we're going to blow by that goal in the next few days -- so with the Governor's blessing, we've decided to double it to $500,000!

And now I'm asking you to increase your support by an additional $50, $100, or even $250 so we can "double up" the goal.

You've probably noticed the shift. Our opponents are on the attack. But while they're attacking Hillary, she's attacking the problems facing America.

So let's stand up for Hillary today, just like she'll stand up for us every single day in the White House. This Thursday night, November 15, we're going to send Hillary to the next Democratic debate with a massive show of support by raising $1 million by the time she walks onto the stage.

We've seen a big surge of support in the last few days -- let's build on that momentum.

Click here to contribute and help us reach $1 million by the time Hillary starts debating at 8 p.m. EST Thursday.

Can you help with a contribution to launch a new television spot?

This week, we're going to start airing a powerful new spot in Iowa. It's a dramatic 30 seconds from John Edwards, focusing on one of the most critical issues of this campaign.

P.S. With public financing your contribution—up to $250—can be matched, so having double the impact for our campaign.

Then this email from the DFA which by not mentioning Hillary implies she isn't their choice as far as a "progressive" candidate:
The mainstream media and Beltway pundits have made up their minds. The Presidential Primary is already over.

Not so fast. The media isn't going to vote on caucus day -- but we are.

That's why Dennis Kucinich fought hard for your support in the DFA Pulse Poll.

Why John Edwards was first to respond to DFA members with his positions on Iraq and Global Warming.

Why Barack Obama is using DFA Training Academy materials to give his supporters the skills to win.

You know that primaries matter -- and this primary is the biggest of them all. Democracy for America is not going to let the pre-ordained front runner walk away without a fight.

Chip in $15 right now and support DFA's fight for a Progressive President.

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