Friday, November 16, 2007

Sounds like Las Vegas was a Hillary friendly crowd...

I was surprised to read Chris Cillizza's debate wrap up, Hillary Hits Back state this:
And, as quickly as the exchanges had started, they ended. The audience seemed to recoil from the negativity, and the candidates -- for the most part -- sensed it. Obama largely steered clear of any more direct attacks on Clinton (although he did try to nail Clinton down on her specific plan for Social Security toward the debate's end). Edwards learned more slowly; as the first hour of the debate drew to a close, he sought to draw a polite but firm contrast with Clinton on issues only to be roundly booed by the audience.
Yet in reading other reports of the debate last night (I was at a meeting on the local issue of homelessness so I didn't get to watch) it sounds like it wasn't just Edwards who got the boo's.

Mother Jones blog as an example:
Obama saw an opening. He replied that since only 6 percent of Americans earn more than $93,000, calling this move a middle-class tax increase was dishonest. "Playing with numbers to make a point," he said, was "the kind of thing I would expect from Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani." People in the auditorium booed. For them, comparing Clinton to the Republican leaders was going too far. Obama didn't try that again.

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