Friday, November 30, 2007

Personalized USB Flash Drives parental sanity saver

When you live in a house with more than one teenager or young adult who use more than one computer, taking information from one computer to another, especially for those in high school and college necessitates having a USB flash drive. While some colleges give these to students, I've found that buying Personalized Flash Drives is a much smarter way for me to preserve my sanity.

Why? Imagine the scenario, Child A can not find their USB flash drive and accuses Child B of having taken theirs, deleted their information and saved their own. With the USB's looking identical since they were from the same source a battle ensues only later to discover that Child A left their flash drive in their car. Avoid the battle by having each child's name engraved on the flash drive. It's also a great way to increase the chances that if you misplace one of these (which since they are small does happen) with your name on it, the process of locating you is easier. Even better yet would be to take advantage of the fact that Store-It Thumb Drives come in 32 different themes and a variety of colors? Even if they all want the same design, you are guaranteed less stress and with engraving included for free, it's a great deal.

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