Monday, October 01, 2007

What the Supreme Court will be focusing on...

For those of us who are Supreme Court watchers these next few months could be full of many interesting discussions to come after looking at what's on the docket. It's being reported that some of these issues will end up being discussed as a part of the upcoming elections and given this:
# Three capital punishment disputes, the biggest being a fundamental look at lethal injection protocols and whether they represent cruel and unusual punishment. Another deals with the rights of foreigners on death row, and the third with whether child rapists should be executed. The third case is not yet on the docket but is expected to be added.

# The rights of accused terrorists held overseas by the U.S. government and whether the federal courts will have a say in how these prisoners will be tried before military commissions.

# The "100-to-1 disparity" in federal sentencing for defendants in crack cocaine cases, who get far harsher prison terms than powder cocaine dealers and users.

# Whether a tough federal law to combat child pornography unfairly targets those who merely talk about or promise to distribute the indecent material, without actually doing so.

I'd have to agree that many of these decisions will be discussed on the blogs and on the campaign trail...

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