Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What does this say about our military?

I was reading the story about a US sailor who is facing the possibility of his wife being deported while he is sent back to serve in Iraq, U.S. sailor: Don't deport my wife. The situation is very troubling and what this points out is where many of those who are being sent to defend our country are coming from:
Gonzalez himself entered the country legally, crossing the Mexican border with his family when he was about 10. He joined the Navy as a so-called "green-card sailor" and became a U.S. citizen in July 2005. The military does accept some immigrants who aren't U.S. citizens.

"I understand the laws have to be followed and guidelines and a system must be maintained, but on the other token, there are times when the situation is just out of their reach," Gonzalez said.

His wife, Mildred, added, "We didn't come here to break the law. We just want to feel safe and have a home just like everybody else."

U.S. Army Sgt. Emmanuel Woko, a member of the Army's 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division who faces his third tour in Iraq, understands just how Gonzalez and his family feel. His wife and children could be sent back to Nigeria.

At a minimum you'd think that something like this should warrant some type of emergency leave from the military...

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Anonymous said...

EMERGENCY LEAVE---are you insane! What do you truly know about the military????? He had time to get her legalized since they married. She had the chance since she was 5!

What this story neglected to mention was that in the time she had been in the US (since she was 5) she knew she was here illegally and had ample opprotunities to gain citizenship, yet she didn't. Was she employed? Going to school? Getting government benefits?

As well, she married a sailor who KNEW her status was illegal and by law and military standards that means he broke the numerous laws. She was on as his dependent, getting medical care and all the other rights given to a miltary spouse all the while they both knew she faced the possibility of deportation. WHY didnt they seek help PRIOR to his deployment??? These 6 month cruises aren't sprung on sailors, they know well in advance so that issues at home can be resolved.
To top it all off, instead of going through his chain of command he chose to break military protocol in hopes of getting the publics sympathy and NOT let his superiors know of his predicament. He broke a cardinal military rule and went to the media. He really needs to be punished for his stupidity, and be made to read his Blue Jacket manual! While I hate the fact of a family being torn apart, both the husband and his illegal immigrant wife need to be held accountable for their ignorance and wrong doing. We have too many sailors who work and play by the book and this one sailor is making it hard for those who follow the rules and guidelines to get the benefits they actually have earned. Same on him!

As well, my husband who is stationed with this sailor was once told 'Your family doesnt come with your seabag'. Had I been doing something illegal and my husband was aware of my wrongdoing, then my husband could face a fate in his command for hiding my illegal wrong doings.
This sailor who is 'Fighting the war on terrorism' truly doesnt want to return to the middle east, and this could be why he chose NOT to straighten out this mess with immigration before facing his deployment. My husband was forced to go to sea eight days before I gave birth to our first child. I was a high risk pregnancy and staying home wasnt an otion for my husband. You learn to deal as a military member and in no way, shape or form should he, his wife or family be given special consideration because he refused to play by military standards.