Friday, October 12, 2007

Remember those who have less during the holidays...

Since at times I feel as if I am surgically attached to my computer, most of the shopping I do is done online, and the idea of entering crowded stores or malls really does not appeal to me at all. Yet, there are organizations like Toys for Tots that I support yearly as just one example. Thanks to the internet, shopping for toys is pretty easy and when you make use of a site like Coupon Chief and take advantage of their coupon codes you can save even more when you do shop, which means you can potentially be able to buy more for those who have less.

I always try to find some of the top selling toys for this year as well as looking for free shipping offers. One great place to shop for toys online is KB Toys, it's very easy to find popular toys and games for both boys and girls that you know will help make a child's holiday season more special.

Another store I really love that most people might not think of when it comes to gift buying is Oriental Trading. They have an amazing selection of items that could be used for stocking stuffers, which really comes in handy if you are going to do some type of a volunteer project to make gift baskets for families. It's really a nice touch to include a few small toys or even craft projects.

Whether you are planning on giving to a charity or buying for your family, Coupon Chief is one of the largest sources for coupon codes and with the way they list by store and by category, it makes finding just what you are looking for user friendly.

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